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T I M   S.   F O R M A Z

timTimothy (Tim) Formaz, President Turbine Power Inc. (Turbine Power) of Sharon Center, Ohio is a graduate mechanical engineer with over forty five years of power generation experience. See www.TurbinePower.Systems Tim’s EPC design/build firm specializes in combined cycle gas turbine plants, bio-mass plants CHP plants, utility boilers and a broad range of engineering consulting services. Projects are worldwide to include the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Ireland. The company specializes in difficult fuels and unusual applications.

Most current project includes the dismantling, rebuilding and warranty overhaul with reengineering and shipping of a 1000 MW Combined Cycle gas turbine plant. Additional projects include converting low BTU coal fired boiler to fire MSW and the conversion of 25 MW coal fired stoker boiler to fire woodchips.

Prior to founding Turbine Power in 2006, Tim was President/Principal of HRSG International, Inc. Seville, Ohio performing EPC, consulting, and design services for power generation systems in the Pacific Rim countries and continental US. Setting up joint ventures in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and India for boiler and heat recovery equipment design and manufacturing, custom finned tubing and finned tube products, specialty heat exchangers using internally developed software and desig programs.

Earlier Experiences include:

1982 to 1998:

Earlier Tim was President of Waste Heat Technologies, Inc. (Waste Heat) The company located in Wadsworth Ohio performed the design and manufacture of Heat Recovery Steam Generation units (HRSG’s), Fin-Fan units, Economizers, Air Heaters, Super Heaters, and specialized heat exchangers. Waste Heat was a full ASME Code boiler shop with 120 hourly employees and 35 people on staff. The company manufactured a full line of boiler products; HRSG’s up to 200,000 PPH and tubular air heaters. The company also specialized in heat exchangers for military applications, diesel exhaust gas boilers, air cooled heat exchangers, and custom finned tubing. The company entered into technology transfers agreements in China, Korea, and Taiwan for the entire product line and design software.

1978 to 1982:

Earlier still Tim was Vice President of Engineering for E. Green&Son of UK/US specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of diesel exhaust gas boilers for both land and marine use – up to 20 MW slow speed engines, single and dual pressure. The company also performed the design and manufacturing of economizers, superheaters and low temperature heat recover equipment using difficult high sulfur high vanadium fuels. These included cast iron protected economizer coils, and solid cast iron feed water preheaters.

1974 to 1978:

Tim was the Product Engineering Manager for Voss Finned Tube Products. This company manufactured over 7000 varieties of finned tubing, and designed and fabricated specialty heat exchangers for the power and process industry. Tubing included dissimilar metal combinations and special metallurgy for joining materials. In 1982, Voss was acquired by Waste Heat (see above) to gain access to the specialized heat exchanger market.

1967 to 1974:

Fresh out of college, Tim started with the Babcock&Wilcox Co. as an engineer in their training program and worked through all relevant fabrication and production departments, before moving on to the fuel equipment design, fan and air heater group. Tim later moved into special welding machine design. Tim was part of the team that licensed the rotary air heater technology for the company. Later Tim was promoted to the field installation/construction for utility boilers within the B&W Construction Group.