Turbine Power Systems, Turbine Power, Inc. and its principals have been planning, designing, building and relocating major electrical power components and systems for over forty years. Their management, engineering, technical staff and key subcontractors have decades of hands on experience in all fields of construction and power generation.

These skills include technology/power selection, equipment selection, equipment overhauling, site design, shipping, Make Powerinstallation, and startup of generating plants, transmission systems and all attendant equipment. The range of projects spans from small 1.5 MW hydroelectric plants in Alaska to 600 MW combined cycle turbine plants in the Middle East. Turbine Power Systems is also totally conversant and knowledgeable regarding the economics, opportunities and methods associated with developing renewable/alternative energy projects such as wind, solar/photo voltaic and biomass fed electrical projects.

Turbine Power Systems extensive rolodex and relationships stretching back many years, allows the company to call on Make Poweran incredible reservoir of highly reliable talent from design and environmental engineering specialists, major equipment manufacturers (Babcock and Wilcox, GE, Siemens etc.), to expert negotiators of multi-million dollar power purchase agreements. This huge range of disparate talent and organizational flexibility allows Turbine Power Systems to perform enormous tasks in an extremely cost effective and timely manner.